Baron Daemon

”Not much is known about Baron Daemon & The Vampires. From 1962-1967, Daemon was a Horror Movie Host around Syracuse, NY. His single “Transylvania Twist” / “Ghost Guitars” from 1963 was the best selling local single of all time. Baron Daemon’s days hosting horror movies came to an end once parents started complaining that their children would not go to sleep until they saw him. He was then given an afternoon program so kids had a chance to see him. “Ghost Guitars” features the horror theme that was so true to Baron. This horrifying song has become extremely difficult to find, sold at an incredibly expensive price.” []


Yep boys & gals, it’s not Halloween… not yet, but this little 1963. 7” horror/novelty gem caught my ear. You could hear it on The Big Itch Vol.5 and Psychedelic Archaeology Vol.10. By the way, Baron Daemon resembles one of the neighbours from my early childhood [those spooky bushy eyebrows :-)]




  1. Wow! Thanks for digging these up. Real cool.
    And thanks for the Lord Rockingham. They were a big noise when I was a kid; one of the few UK R,n,R bands and regularly on BBC TV.
    Keep up your great work.

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  2. Hey – Surfadelic – Stoked to see you up and rolling off tunes for us again!!! I am wondering if you can send me a link or updated link to the Syndicate – Egyptian Thing LP you had up awhile ago? It’s dead and I would love to hear their whole catalogue – not just the nuggets on the Back to the Grave Volumes. Thanks and your shares keep my world sane and groovin!! 🙂


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