BRATS – 1980 + The Lost Tapes – Copenhagen 1979 ‎


“Brats was a Danish band formed in 1977 as a punk band. After recording the songs “Dreams”, “I Do What I Wanna Do” and “Magazine” for Danish Pære Punk compilation, the band split up in 1979, not much later reforming as a heavy metal band (playing a hybrid of punk and metal) with new members. This line-up signed a contract with CBS in 1980 and released the promotional debut single B-Brains and one self-titled full length LP.”

Hey boys, Let’s Make A Noise! These Danish punks really won me over with their brand of metal & punk mix. Their great 1980. slab reminds me on Hanoi Rocks or Steve Jones solo works. Here are their unreleased 1979. debut + 1980 LP vinyl rips! Check ’em out, Dig!!!



14 thoughts on “BRATS – 1980 + The Lost Tapes – Copenhagen 1979 ‎

  1. Welcome back, dude! The Rev has finally found you. On a note unrelated to the above, just discovered Lord Rockingham’s X1 from Britain. Riotous stuff! Any leads?


  2. Not sure if you are aware, but most of these guys went on to much bigger things a couple years later as the band Mercyful Fate. Their 1st EP (1982) contained a song called Nuns Have No Fun and the following year they were full blown Satanic black metal.


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