THE PUNKS [Detroit 1974/76 Proto-Punk !!!]


“This buch of long-haired youngsters played a loud and powerfull rock’n’roll strongly influenced by Iggy and the Stooges. This album contains the best selection of their rare recordings. KILLER STUFF!!! “A band out to blow your head off; The Punks play in such a gut grabbing manner that your ear bones feel like there getting socked in the jaw and cunnilinguisized at the same time.” (Air-Wreck Genheimer Creem Magazine, september 1976)

US high energy r’n’r in tradition of The Stooges, Mc5 and Ron Asheton’s New Order. Vinyl rip, Dig!!!




12 thoughts on “THE PUNKS [Detroit 1974/76 Proto-Punk !!!]

  1. Yo, Mr. Eliminator. What happenned to all the albums you had shared? I see you´re now on WordPress… another thing, you once shared with me a Richard Hell & The Voidoids album
    Do you still have it? I lost the files 😦

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  2. Thanks for The Joneses. I have their first album on vinyl purchased for $1 in the cut-out bin and played once. This’ll give me an opportunity to revisit it, and possibly provide me with a new favorite.


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