American Surf Treasures Vol.1 & 2

american_surf_treasures1 american_surf_treasures1b american_surf_treasures2 american_surf_treasures2b

Due to popular demand here are surfin’ instro collections which are actually “Rare Surf 1&2” I’ve already posted on my beautiful [never forgotten] old Surfadelic blog. Anyways, here we go again with PJ & The Galaxies, Journeymen, The Nocturnes [my favs!] and other 60’s South Bay surfin’ loosers. Now Ladys & germs… Surfs Up!


4 thoughts on “American Surf Treasures Vol.1 & 2

  1. Thanks a lot. Rare stuff indeed!. Talking about that I’m looking for “The Hornets” records (Motorcycles USA & Big Drag boat). I think Jerry Cole is involved. If you have them and you can share them you will earn my ethernal gratitude.


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