The Torquays – Somewhere In California [2002]

the torquays somewhere

Fresh splash of traditional 60’s style surf instros by these veteran surfers originally formed in Kansas in 1964. and re-formed in late 90’s to released several albums of which this is their best. If you dig groups like Jon And The Nightriders, Surf Raiders and stuff, this is fer ya.

LIsten up folks! It’s so damn HOT these days that I can only think of surfin’ and diggin’ the waves. I wish I’m Somewhere In California. Dig!

the torquays somewhere2


2 thoughts on “The Torquays – Somewhere In California [2002]

  1. Glad to see you back Mr. E !! Do you know if “The Torquays” and “Them” have the same band members? Which band came first? By the way, do you have a compilation called “Sleazy Surf ! ” ? Thanx for everything and keep the fire burning!


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