!!! LYRES !!! [The Ultimate]

Listen up folks and listen well !!!  Here is a total re-up of this legendary Boston garage rock gang fronted by Mono Man [ex DMZ]. If you have no LYRES [which I doubt] you just ain’t livin’. Here you got all of their studio recordings including singles & EP’s, as well as LIVE stuff. They were No.1 80’s garage revival act and for sure a TOP TEN garage band of all times including 60’s. So ya no… This is pretty much A MUST! Don’t give it up now, Dig!!!

Lyres - AHS Lyres - On Fyre Lyres - Lyres Lyres - A Promise lyres- happy now... Lyres -  Someone Who'll Treat You Lyres - Some Lyres Lyres - Shitkickers Lyres Live Lyres - live

[1981] AHS 1005
[1984] On Fyre (Expanded)
[1986] Lyres Lyres
[1988] A Promise Is A Promise
[1988] She Pays The Rent Live
[1992] Happy Now
[1994] Some Lyres
[1995] Shitkickers
[1995] The Early Years (Live 1979-83)
Live At Downtown Lounge, Portland 1980


12 thoughts on “!!! LYRES !!! [The Ultimate]

  1. Mr. Eliminator Hi, my name is Alfonso. First luckily I found your blog, you’re a musical encyclopedia for me (have the same tastes 80% :). They know those who are determined to expose and close blogs, thanks to you I have bought many LPs (I buy only vinyl) and I imagine 4 million visitors you have, some have bought music through your discoveries.

    Please do not let go with your wonderful project

    I wanted to ask you a favor, for a break on my hard drive I lost several albums, I’m not worried, because I’ll recover, but I really miss the The Mummies, especially “Never Been Caught” Could you upload again? There’s one you have to have recovered.

    As a thank you, I want to share with you is probably the best LP of garage music has been done in Spain. I hope you like it. You can download it here:


    Thank you very much once again for your work


  2. Thanks a lot for this re-up. I already had the Portland show on tape but mine is in mono despite it has two more tracks. I have also a show from Rimini I taped myself ways back in 1987 and uploaded (along with the two Portland encores) for anyone who wants it, here:


    I’ve never been able to find the title of a song in the middle of the show (track 13), is there anybody who can…?



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