Katanga a

COOL! 10 trax comp.of Exotic/Rockin’ tunes for your wild ”Jungle” weekend.

Katanga b2



6 thoughts on “JUNGLE ROCK !

  1. Thanks for this one.
    Agreed, it’s time to talk about 10″ comp Doghouse & Bone Rds work as this one is the first and now there’s already 3 others. Here’s below 3 links for first 3 famous LP comp now, call “La Noire”. Vol.1 link is different than what you purposed in time when it was issued. Enjoy. Fred

    La Noire Vol. 1: “Have Mercy Uncle Sam” (Vinyl)

    SIDE A:
    1. Guitar Red – Just You And I (Checker)
    2. Dell Mack – You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover (Goldband)
    3. Bobby Bland – Don’t Cry No More (Duke)
    4. Johnny (Guitar) Watson – Broke And Lonely (King)
    5. Little Daddy Walton & Son – Highway Blues (Big Hit)
    6. Jimmy Hughes – Neighbor, Neighbor (Fame)
    7. Billy Boy – I Wish I Would (Vivid)
    8. Tarheel Slim & Little Ann – Can’t Stay Away From You (Fire)

    SIDE B:
    1. Big Jay McNeely & Band – Psycho Serenade (Swingin’)
    2. The X-Cellents – Hey, Little Willie (Smash)
    3. The Spellbinders – Casting My Spell (Miramar)
    4. June Bateman With Noble Watts & His Band – Possum Belly Overalls (Shaw)
    5. KoKo Taylor – Wang Dang Doodle (Checker)
    6. Ernest Tucker – Have Mercy, Uncle Sam (Jubilee)
    7. Billy Bland – Uncle Bud (Old Town)
    8. Louisiana Red – Ride On Red, Ride On (Roulette)


    La Noire Vol. 2: “Please Mr. Playboy” (Vinyl)

    Sida A
    1. “Hot Breath Hannah” With The Paul Mitchell Trio – Please Mr. Play Boy (NRC)
    2. Archibald – Great Big Eyes (Imperial)
    3. Varetta Dillard – Send Me Some Money (Savoy)
    4. LaVern Baker – Tiny Tim (Atlantic)
    5. Guitar Slim & His Band – Well, I Done Got Over It (Specialty)
    6. Guitar, Jr. – Knocks Me Out (Mercury)
    7. “Hot Breath Hannah” With The Paul Mitchell Trio – Looking For A Man (NRC)
    8. Pipes – Let Me Give You Money (Dootone)

    SIDE B:
    1. Big Maybelle – That’s A Pretty Good Love (Savoy)
    2. The Memos – The Biddy Leg (Memo)
    3. Annisteen Allen – Rough Lover (Decca)
    4. Jesse Perkins & The Bad Boys – One More Kiss (Savoy)
    5. Carol Fran – I’m Gonna Try (Port)
    6. Camille Howard – Exite Me Daddy (Federal)
    7. The Southern Wonders – The Gambling Man (Peacock)
    8. Fontella Bass – My Good Loving (Prann)


    La Noire Vol. 3: “Baby You Got Soul” (Vinyl)

    SIDE A:
    1. Bobby Bland – Yield Not To Temptation (Duke)
    2. Travis Wammack – Don’t Cry No More (Ara)
    3. Don & Bob – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Argo)
    4. Johnny Fuller – The Power (Art-Tone)
    5. Bobby Bland – Honey Child (Duke)
    6. Van Preston & The Nite Rockers – Baby You Got Soul (Goldband)
    7. Joe Simon – I Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin’ (Sound Stage)
    8. Mack Rice – Baby I’m Coming Home (Lu Pine)

    SIDE B:
    1. The Ideals – Mojo Hanna (Cort Land)
    2. Joyce Jones – Help Me Make Up My Mind (Vee-Eight)
    3. The Contours – Whole Lotta Woman (Motown)
    4. Young Jessie – Brown Eyes (Come On Home) (Vanessa)
    5. Betty Everett – You’re No Good (VJ)
    6. Willie Hightower – Nobody But You (Capitol)
    7. Z.Z. Hill – You Were Wrong (MH)
    8. Tiny Topsy – Just A Little Bit (Federal)



  2. Lol , best album cover ever – nothing good can ever come from monkeys!
    Portrays how their evil little hearts truly are, (they have no souls & really do want to bite you.)
    Thanks for the post.


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