THE DEVIL DOGS – Saturday Night Fever [1993]


Lp version of their furious “Live in studio” album, including killer take on ”Shakey Sue” [Gary Glitter cover] not on CD. This stuff will leave you breathless, comin’ back for more. Great originals & cool covers of Rolling Stones [It’s Not Easy], The Victims [Dance With You Baby], Gene Pitney [Backstage]. Non stop punk rock action from start to finish. Vinyl Rip!!!

It’s a Big Fuckin Party alright!!!

”YOW! This album is where the Dogs’ REALLY captured their balls-out LIVE SOUND on record! Recorded at Egg Studios in the middle of their 2nd USA tour of March 1993 with the supporting “party-ambience” babble” [Crypt rec.]




3 thoughts on “THE DEVIL DOGS – Saturday Night Fever [1993]

  1. Thank you, for yet another installment of classic Crypt Records one-song-vinyl-only albums.

    And all hail the mighty Devil Dogs!! No one else could turn the mopey “Backstage” into such a burner! They pulled off the same feat with Sonny Bono’s “Laugh at Me” on the Stereodrive album.


    • Glad you dig Devil Dogs one of the best garage punk bands from 90’s. This version is better than cd [don’t no why they drop “Shakey sue”]. Did you check their New Jersey neighbors The Swingin’ Neckbreakers?, my favs, in the same groove as “Dogs”


      • Oh yeah, I’ve seen the Swingin’ Neckbreakers many a time. They rock.

        One thing I love about the Devil Dogs is their flash. While their AMAZING Crypt label-mates the Gories, the Oblivians, and Teengenerate were all pushing the PRIMITIVITY limit (with kick-ass results), the Devil Dogs strutted around stage in velvet-lapel jackets! While the Pearl Jams and Nirvanas of the day seemed afraid to have any fun on stage, the Devil Dogs kept the Rock’n’Roll spirit burning!


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