“Recorded in 1965 by Detroit’s famous Cage a Go-Go night spot, this is listed on the back cover as a compilation. However, many of these tracks are unavailable anywhere else. They were not recorded live at the club, but the club apparently paid to have several of their regulars record some of their best known and most popular tracks for this sampler. Due to its recording date, much of this has a very early sound in the garage vein.” [Tymeshifter]
DAMN, What’s this!? A ’65 Psychedelic slab? Noooo. This is actually an early garage compilation featuring Detroit garage bands Oxford Five, Lourds, Individuals and The Fugitives, doing some real fine Garage/Folk tunes and covers. This stuff is RARE as heck and COOL as fu*k, so don’t you dare miss it. Hide The Sausage, Dig!!!

One thought on “LONG HOT SUMMER – FRIDAY AT THE CAGE A GO-GO [1965] Vinyl Rip!!

  1. The original Long Hot Summer: Friday At The Cage A Go Go came out on the Westchester Record label out of the Detroit area. Only 250/300 were originally pressed. The Lourds morphed into the Amboy Dukes and The Fugitives morphed into SRC (Scot Richard Case). The only other release I know of on the label was the Yorkshires 45 “And You’re Mine”


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