Collaboration between Boston Garage/R&B shouter Barrence Whitfield & Basque singer/songwriter Petti. Interesting mix of hard rockin’ Rhythm & Blues and country/folk rock tunes, some sung by Petti in Spanish, Basque dialect.
“The result of the meeting is a record with many “*”s, all that you can imagine. Barrence shows a preference for five covers which are thought for Petti to play as comfortable as if he was at home. Steve Wynn´s “Kerosene Man” sounds as a new song, just like  Dennis Brennan´s “Sugar Falls”. He is more respectful in Tom Russell´s country classic “Veteran”s Day”, but not with The Bottle Rockets´ “Thousand Dollar Car”. And in “No Reason”, he shows how good Treat Her Right, the formation from which arose Morphine, were. Petti corresponds with five compositions to share: “Bat ez bada bertze” to start the machine; a genuine blues near to Hound Dog Taylor style called “Ehiza”, that burns; “Solasaldia”, a song from the border continues the celebration, until the moment when they sing together “Min Ixila” or make the guitars explode in “The Lonesome Cowboy”.


  1. Good post as i know the existence of this record but never had opportunities to listen it. I’m thinking little bit hard to find. Thanks. Fred

    PS/ the new blog is fine and more light to charge. Good job;


  2. Maybe who knows, i’m also looking for two other stuff from Barrence:

    – Barrence Whitfield & Tom Russell – Hillbilly Voodoo (1993)
    – Barrence Whitfield With Tom Russell – Cowboy Mambo (1993)

    Love this guy and saw him many times during end of the 80’s. Let me know if possible.
    Cheer. Fred


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