MICKEY BAKER – The Wildest Guitar [1959]

“As a studio Musician Mickey Baker is unknown to the general public but one of the most influential guitar players in the fifties, creating a wide range of important guitar solos on different albums. (Check the guitar on Louis Jordans “Somebody up there digs me” arranged by Quincy Jones or the many Atlantic and Groove recordings he plays on. (Ray Charles, La Vern Baker, Big Maybelle, Earl Bostic, Screaming Jay Hawkins etc. etc.) This album is one of the rare oppertunities to hear Mickey Baker on his own, while still living in the US (from 1960 living in France). The use of effective stereo was new at the time of recording (app. 1958) and the unusual choice of songs show among other things a style that became popular with the Shadows.” [Jesper Christensen]
All instro lp by this great R&B/Jazz guitar-slinger [famous for pop duo Mickey & Sylvia ”Love Is Strange”] with maybe decisive influence on surf rock instrumental rumble of the early 60’s. Just check out his version of ”Baia”. Dig!

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