THE SLAVES [Austria] – Singles ’66

“Although often listed under Swiss garage bands they were an expat band from Vienna/Austria. However, they were deeply entrenched in the local band scene. Two Swiss musicians played with the SLAVES for a while: Jelly Pastorini (of later SHIVER fame) and Peter Rietmann (of DYNAMITES and SAUTERELLES fame) on bass. The core band members, however, were from Austria.”
The Slaves sound was influenced by raw R&B beat of The Pretty Things and Bo Diddley. In 1966. they recorded all three of their 45’s released at the same time on the Philips label in Switzerland. Some of their tunes can be heard on various garage/freakbeat comps as Pebbles, Nuggets II, Electrick Loosers, Prae-kraut Pandaemonium, World Beaters… This here is a collection of their singles you see below, so mothers… It’s a SLAVE’S TIME on Surfadelic. Dig!!!

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