Surfadelic Presents: RAW, STUPID & FUZZED-OUT !!! [60’s Punk]

Whoa dad! What’s up!?! Another Surfadelic 60’s Punk comp? Oh yeah! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Noooo… it’s RAW, STUPID & FUZZED-OUT!!! But why oh why!?! ‘Cause… “I dig that goddamn Rock ‘n’ Roll, The kinda stuff that don’t save souls”.
Look-a-here folks! Here you gotta deal with 84 minutes & 20 seconds of pure 60’s Punk dementia blast and its fun fun fun. If you wanna dance, dance, dance or cheer-up you neighborhood, this is the stuff.
I must humbly admit: This comp is way better than any Tim Warren’s Back From The Tomb volume. Why? ‘Cause I Said So! And… I’m not foolin’ around. You gotta check it out or be lame forever. You gotta dig, dig, DIG!!!


4 thoughts on “Surfadelic Presents: RAW, STUPID & FUZZED-OUT !!! [60’s Punk]

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