THE PRETTY THINGS – Get The Picture? [1965]

Recording began on The Pretty Things’ second album in around September 1965, just months after the release of their debut. It ended up being a haphazard affair thanks to a growing problem with drummer Viv Prince whose behaviour was becoming ever more erratic and reckless. With Prince being unreliable, the band had help in the form of producer Bobby Graham who was a renowned drummer in his own right, playing on several tracks. John Stax’s flatmate John C. Alder helped out on at least two tracks, one of which was “You’ll Never Do It Baby” Jimmy Page also made a couple of cameos, receiving a partial writing credit on “You Don’t Believe Me.” The album did see the band starting to move away from the staunch R&B direction that dominated the first album, exploring more soulful areas as well as Freakbeat with much use of distortion on guitar and bass parts. [wiki]

On their 2nd slab, Pretty Things moved up from raw R&B covers of their debut to more original Garage fuzz stuff as BUZZ THE JERK, GET THE PICTURE?, YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, GONNA FIND ME A SUBSTITUTE or somehow slightly psychedelizied garage classic CAN’T STAND THE PAIN and fine folkrock of LONDON TOWN. Again, there are cool covers as thee best version of Rainin’ In My Heart [Slim Harpo], Cry To Me [Solomon Burke] or fine take on Cops’N Robbers tune You’ll Never Do It Baby. TOP Garage/R&B next to Downliners Sect or Stones and one of thee best rockin’ elpees of ’65. We’ll Play House, Dig!!!



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