THE PENETRATORS – Basement Anthology 1976-84

“In the tradition of the fine Swami reissues of Crime and Testors comes a primordial belch of pathos crushing punk ineptness. The Penetrators’ Basement Anthology chronicles this criminally overlooked Syracuse bands recordings from 1976-1984. Their sound was firmly rooted in the tradition of the rebellious rock n roll of the 60’s and branded with generous amounts of the attitude and style that marked the first wave of American punk bands. Basement Anthology is a time machine back into an age that chronologically is not that long ago but culturally is beyond reach. The Penetrators liberal use of gigantic bumble bee guitar rip, paper tommy gun snare attack, sure echoed vocal proclamations of eternal rock n roll lore. In a time when eyeliner and synthesizers were listed as ground breaking musical influences The Penetrators upstate isolation bred a band worthy to hold the torch of garage blasting during what was then considered dark times. Until now only championed by the Killed By Death set (is there such a thing?), Basement Anthology rectifies elusiveness and puts these legendary noise makers on the radar.”
Raw & Sloppy 70’s garage punk by this overlooked Syracuse, “No.1 Band In Town”. It was a “Teenage Lifestyle”, Stop Action ‘n’ Dig!

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