JUST SHUCKIN’ AROUND 1953 – 1963 [Wild & Crazy L.A.R&B]

“If, like me, you sometimes get a wild hair up your ass to hear some totally inappropriate and thoroughly enjoyable wild ass music, this is a candidate. This 24 track collection from one of Los Angeles’ most obsessive record collectors has some wonderful and completely obscure black rock & roll from the glory days. Names you may have heard include Kid Thomas, Willie Egan & Chuck Higgins who share the spotlight with groups like the TORMENTORS, MOJO WATSON and the man who the movie “American Pimp” was fashioned after, CHARLES SIMS (aka Fillmore Slim). If you were to buy these tracks individually, you would be set back a few thousand…providing you could find them.”
01. L.A. Brown – No Hootenanny
02. Willie Egans – Rock And Roll Fever
03. Flash Terry – Cool It
04. Billy Stafford – Papa Shotgun
05. Paul Preston – Shotgun
06. J.J. Jones – Aw Shucks
07. William -Thunderbird- Walker – Thunderbird
08. The Dusters – Teenage Jamboree
09. Charles Sims – Take A Bath
10. Chuck Higgins – Blacksmith Blues
11. Little John Mccoll – Half Ton Tillie
12. Kid Thomas And Joe Bennet – You Heard What I Said
13. Hank Moore – Part Time
14. Slim Henry – Just Shuckin Around
15. Gus Jenkins – Jealous Of You Baby
16. The Tormentors – Didnt It Rain
17. Chruck Grey – Rock And Roll Is On My Soul
18. Little Freddie And Don – Too Fat
19. Franke And The Dell Stars – Don’t Shine Me On
20. Gil Bernal – The Whip
21. Johnny Wright – Wine Head
22. The Cocoas – Flip Your Daddy
23. K.C. Mojo Watson – Love Blood Hound
24. Bob Starr – My Girl Back In L.A.

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