LOTHAR & The HAND PEOPLE – This Is It, Machines [’68/’69]

”Today Is Only Yesterday’s Tomorrow”
Lothar and the Hand People was a late-1960s psychedelic rock band known for its spacey music and pioneering use of the theremin and Moog modular synthesizer. The band’s unusual appellation refers to a theremin nicknamed “Lothar”, with the “Hand People” being the musicians in the band, who included John Emelin (vocals), Paul Conly (keyboards, synthesizer), Rusty Ford (bass), Tom Flye (drums) and Kim King (guitar, synthesizer).
The band was notable for being “the first rockers to tour and record using synthesizers, thereby inspiring the generation of electronic music-makers who immediately followed them.” Formed in Denver in 1965, Lothar and the Hand People relocated to New York in 1966. The band jammed with Jimi Hendrix and played gigs with groups such as The Byrds, Grateful Dead, Canned Heat, The Lovin’ Spoonful and the Chambers Brothers. Lothar and the Hand People played music for Sam Shepard’s play The Unseen Hand, and was the opening act at the Atlantic City Pop Festival.
After three initial singles, Capitol Records released two albums by this short-lived band: Presenting…Lothar and the Hand People (1968, produced by Robert Margouleff) and Space Hymn (1969, produced by Nick Venet).
The band’s most popular recording was the title song “Space Hymn,” which received significant FM radio play.
The first album featured a notable “robotic” cover of Manfred Mann’s UK hit “Machines” (composed by Mort Shuman), which Capitol released as a single. [wiki]
Crazy man Crazy! A bunch of hippies went wild with eloctronics and stuff.Funny avant-garde experimentation with different styles, a cross between early Zappa, Pink Floyd, Godz, Fugs… First noticed their name on the backcover review of legendary Pebbles vol.2. This here is fine compilation of tunes from their  two ’68/’69 slabs. How Bizarre!
Few thoughts:
 ”This is the most crapy music in the world! But I like it”
”I am not sure what I just heard and I have no idea if it was good or bad”
“It is electronic country, a kind of good-time music played by mad dwarfs
[Lenny Kaye]

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