KIP TYLER – Rumble Rock!!!

Born Elwood Westerton Smith [31 May 1929, Chicago, Illinois] KIP TYLER became a star of many Garage/Psychobilly/Trash compilations as Born Bad, Madness Invasion, Desperate Rock’n’Roll, Horror Hop… In his heydays he was backed by Bruce Johnston, drummer Sandy Nelson, Ritchie Podolor,  Steven Douglas and Kim Fowley. Read the full storie here
Kip Tyler & The Flips cult 50’s tunes as “Jungle Hop” and “She’s My Witch” were covered by The Cramps, The Fuzztones, Southern Culture On The Skids… This here is a Surfadelic tribute to Kip. Rumble Rock!!!

01 Introduction By Johnny Otis
02 Jungle Hop
03 Ooh Yeah Baby
04 Rumble Rock
05 She’s My Witch
06 She’s Got Eyes

07 Shadow Street
08 On The Flipside
09 Eternity (A Surfers Lament)


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