THE GLACIERS – From Sea To Ski [1964]

All instro surf studio project with Hal Blaine on drums, Bill Pitman, Glen Campbell, Ray Pohlman on guits, Leon Russell on keys and Lee Hazlewood… REAL COOL & RARE as heck instro Lp. Only on Surfadelic. Dig!!!
[Special Tanx Goes To “Unknown Surfer” For This Exclusive Contribution]

7 thoughts on “THE GLACIERS – From Sea To Ski [1964]

  1. I’ve only recently become a fan of surf music. A couple of years ago, something clicked, and I went on a surf-n-drag TEAR. So I’m at a point now where I’m finding fewer and fewer unknown gems from the classic 60s period of surf. But every once and a while, a new one pops up, like this. Awesome! Can’t wait to give it a spin.


    • Hi Donnie, glad you dig this rare and pretty unknown Lp. When you see the names of Hal Blaine, Glen Campbell and The Wrecking Crew it means you’re in for some real cool rockin’ action. Some times ago on my old blog I’ve posted great Hal Blaine’s hot rod.instro slab “Deuces, “T’s”, Roadsters & Drums”, maybe you dug it already. Enjoy! Surf’s Up!

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