Surfadelic Presents: FUZZ-TONE SHAKEDOWN [60’s Punk]

Quess what’s my favorite guitar-tone? Yeah right… It’s a killer FUZZ-TONE baby! Nothin’ can compare to that skull-piercing, brain-melting, wall crunching fuzz-tone sound. So, this here is a Surfadelic compilation dedicated to 60’s Punk groups that have used their guitars as a weapons loaded with fuzz for audio rebellion, psych destruction and ultimate garage rock SHAKEDOWN!
So, whacha gonna do now?!? Well, I’ll tell you: Get your headphones and tape ’em to yer skull, dig the stuff & PLAY LOUD!
[P.S.: Not recommended for the faint-hearted]


One thought on “Surfadelic Presents: FUZZ-TONE SHAKEDOWN [60’s Punk]

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