I’M A WILD ANGEL! [A Collection Of Rare And Unheard 60’s Garage Punk]

Yes I am… This here is an unofficial comp. made by unknown garage enthusiast. It’s a 35 trax collection with many previously uncomped stuff, some of ’em pretty cool and some lame, but hey!… this ain’t an 5 stars Surfadelic product anyway. Some of this tunes supposed to be included in forthcoming Back From The Grave vol.9, so you better watch out! 

 Fav trax:
James Bond And The Agents – Wild Angel
The Krels – Psychedelic Feelin’
The Classics – This World Can’t Take Time
The Stonemen – #1 Fool

The Raevins – The Edge Of Time
The Driving Wheels – Don’t Be Bad
The Thunderbirds – Hey Little Girl
The Savoy’s – Now She’s Left Me
The Hotbeats – Injun
The Things – Take It From Me
The Children – I Long To See Her
The Whigs – Please Love Me
Primitive & Raw, Dig!

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