A collection of rare, hard to find 1960s soul 45s from Belgium’s Stomp Records, All Night Soul Stomp! breaks out of the speakers like a big truck hitting all the gears on a straightaway, then never lets up through 24 tracks of solid, hard-hitting soul that makes Sam & Dave sound calculating. Nothing is very polished here, but these sides explode on a kind of ragged, loose energy that is the very definition of hard soul. There is so much to like here, including “You Better Check Yourself” by Soul Brothers Six, “Mish Mash Soul” by the Combo Kings, the rushing, double-timed “New York City Baby” by Billy Hambrick, the atmospheric “One More Hurt” by Phil Flowers, and the loose-as-a-goose (complete with a honking alto sax) “Boogaloo #3” by Roy Lee Johnson. The energy never lets up, making this a wonderful addition to anyone’s soul library. [Steve Leggett]
Dancefloor Boogaloo Romp! Yes it is baby… all the way. KILLER R&B/Soul stomp collection in the series of real cool rare soul comps as Downtown Soulville, Show Me What You Got, Shakin’ Fit, Pow City, Whip! Wobble & Grind!, Whip It On ‘Em … More sweet soul music on Surfadelic… Mr.Eliminator got SOUL! Dig!!!

blue scooter

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