THE CREATION – How Does It Feel To Feel + THE MARK FOUR [1964-1968]

creation 1b

THE CREATION were one of the best and the most important UK Mod groups from 60’s. Produced by legendary Shel Talmy [The Who, The Kinks] their sound was similar to those of The Who but with their own brand of Pop/Psych kink. Their debut ’67 album ‘We Are Paintermen’ was only released in Germany, Holland and Scandinavia. Pete Townshend was so impressed with the innovate guitar style of guitar slinger Eddie Phillips he asked him to join the Who as a second guitarist. You can hear his violin bow solo on Painter Man before Jimmy Page did the same. Edsel records comp.”How Does It Feel To Feel” is the best collection of Creation recordings from ’66-’68. THE MARK FOUR, pre-Creation group is presented here with Eva records ’80 collection of singles ’64-’66. A MUST for Mods all over the world. Biff Bang Pow!


Creation                                Mark lV


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